About Us
The existence of Medi Advisors is driven by our passion to break down the boundaries of healthcare. We want to free healthcare from the boundaries of geography, affordability, rationing and any other regulation. Patients should have limitless choices, and choose based on their wishes.

We understand that healthcare is primarily about trust, and when it comes to taking treatment at a foreign country, transparency of the source is vitally important, that’s why we have built Medi Advisors on Trust and Transparency.

Medi Advisors works in association with all JCI accredited and leading hospitals in the following countries:



Munich Municipal Hospitals group, Medical Park Hospitals group, Apollo Hospitals Group, American University of Beirut Medical Center and King Hussein Medical Center are among the long list of the hospitals that we work with.

Our cordial association with any of these hospitals has made them offer special discounts in almost all procedures to the patients referred from us, and one of the distinguishing features of us at Medi Advisors is that we do not charge our patients for consultations. 

It’s not just this but also priority scheduling of appointments, hotel, visa assistance, airport transfers, and language translators are some of our value added services of care when patients decide to travel with us for their health.

We also have a portal that you can upload your case’s medical reports and we will return the offer to the patient at the soonest possible time.

With the Headquarters of Medical Tourism being in Sulaimani/Ali Naji district, we also have offices in Erbil/Italian village, Baghdad/Al Mansour, Turkey-Istanbul/Beşiktaş, and Germany-Frankfurt/Darmstadt.